Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Leaden Prose

A linocut in blue and orange, designed for the contemplation of the writer and the encouragement of a better prose style.

Edition of 50 in these colours, signed and numbered in pencil, available via Etsy.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tour de Knaresborough

Hand-printed linocut in yellow and black to commemorate the Tour de France Grand Départ in Yorkshire, July 2014. 

Available via Etsy.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Supraphon, Qualiton, Melodiya, Pronit, Polskie Nagrania

Some images to accompany an article on record sleeves from Communist-era Central and Eastern Europe for the next issue of The Coelacanth Journal:

Generic Supraphon 10" sleeve, 1960s, Czechoslovakia
Generic Supraphon 7" sleeve, 1960s, Czechoslovakia
Generic Qualiton 7" sleeve, 1960s, Hungary
Generic Pronit/Polskie Nagrania 7" sleeve, 1960s, Poland
Generic Polskie Nagrania 10" sleeve, Poland, 1957.
Artist: H. Hilscher
Supraphon 50634, 1965. Design: Božena Bruderhansová 
Supraphon 10466, 1963. Cover: Josef Kalousek

Supraphon 52756, 1967.
Photo: Karel Plicka/Design: Alena Fingerlandová

Supraphon 50432, 1963. Cover: Josef Kalousek
Supraphon 40642, 1964.  Cover: J. Šeda
Supraphon 50680 G, 1966. 

Picture: Jan Hladík, Blue Garden (tapestry)

Design: Ivo Holý
Supraphon 50877, 1967. Cover: František Nový 
Supraphon 50582, 1964. Cover: Božena Bruderhansová 
Supraphon 50552, 1964. Cover: Petr Stránský
Supraphon 10467, 1963. Cover: Josef Kalousek
 Melodiya 00032531-2, 1972. Cover: K. Einberg
(Estonian artist on USSR state label)

Octave OC11 (UK) 1962